This year we decided to do something a little different for our approach to Christmas.

A brief was created around the 12 Days of Christmas, from which 12 team members created a concept, with a slant on their job within the company. These have featured across our 12 Days Christmas cards and have been published each day on the run up to Christmas. Take a look through all 12 submissions from the team below and get an insight of the thinking behind each one.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from us all. We hope you enjoy the Rubberlips/Intimation 12 days of Christmas.



Twelve Drummers Drumming

by Gavin Uren
Graphic Designer

“Bang bang bang goes the big drum of 12 drummers drumming.

I thought an illustration route would be the best way to handle this brief – 1 of the 12 days of Christmas. I admire illustration/illustrators a great deal, especially children’s book illustrators. Their work is so simple in its technique and influenced me in producing a simple, clean illustration to illustrate 12 Drummers Drumming.”


Eleven Pipers Piping

by Craig Simpson
Senior Developer

“Programming and building in code is my day-to-day work here at Intimation, so my 11 Pipers Piping piece is based entirely in HTML and CSS, with some SVG imagery and randomly generated Christmas lights to set the mood.

You can see the underlying code by visiting this link


Ten Lords A-Leaping

by Jake Charlton
Graphic Designer

“Taking my inspiration from the golden age of gaming where a simple idea, executed well, was king – limitations on technology didn’t mean a limitation on imagination and creativity. This Christmas you take on the role of Lord LEAPR as you guide him to gather up his lost coins avoiding all obstacles in his path. You’ve only got 10 lives, how far can you get?”



Nine Ladies Dancing

by Mattie Brass
Graphic Designer

“I have a passion for hand-type, so felt this project was a great opportunity to produce something using more traditional pen to paper methods as opposed to creating something digitally. The rustic background style emphasises the hand-crafted direction of the piece while the monochrome palette evokes ideas of Christmas traditions dating back hundreds of years. I then injected a modern element through the use of bold, stylised type, and interesting letter layouts. I developed this further with the addition of an illustrated animation to accompany – again following a traditional style but adding a humorous/modern slant with a twerking lady which you can check out on our blog piece.”



Eight Maids A-Milking

by Robin Scott
Senior Designer

“As packaging design is a role in my job, I decided to turn ‘8 Maids-A-Milking’ into a dairy brand in the form of a milk carton incorporating a playful, fresh feel and a typographical twist.”



Seven Swans A-Swimming

by Kerr Scott
Graphic Designer

“Animation is just one of our many areas of creative expertise at Intimation. We love bringing ideas to life, especially when there is an interesting project to get stuck into. Seven Swans A Swimming was an opportunity to work on some paper-cut animation styles and green screen techniques. Some procedurally generated snow and some Christmas lights gave this little animation a festive vibe!”


Six Geese A-Laying

by Aiden Dawson
Digital Marketing Assistant

“Picking a bird-related line out of a hat was ideal for my original concept, as it meant I could apply my idea of using the Twitter bird to represent the swans. The hearts in the animation represent the eggs in the cycle and show that my role uses platforms such as Twitter to produce engagement and obtain results.”



Five Gold Rings

by Karl Bell
Creative Director

“I felt that whatever I created for this had to be something that reflected the prominence of the “Five gold rings” piece within the song.

After a little bit of digging, I came across an interesting fact about a bloke called Frederic Austin. Frederic was an English baritone singer, musical teacher and composer around 1905 to 1930.

He published the standard melody for the 12 days of Christmas carol in 1909 and his arrangement of the traditional folk melody saw him add his own two-bar motif for the “Five gold rings”, shaping it’s place in the song as we know it today. This is my tribute to Frederic. Now you will never again sing that line without thinking of this legend.”



Four Calling Birds

by Kevin Shaw
Head of Digital

“Concept: Hmmm… Christmas brief… Robin’s are Christmassy… tada: Robins!
Creating architectural visualisation renders or photo realistic mockups are part of what we do here at Intimation – but who’d turn down a chance to make some cute lo-poly robins ironically using a phone with a capacitive touch screen! Ah… the magic of Christmas ”



Three French Hens

by Jonathan Murphy
Web Developer

“For me the image symbolises looking deeper and thinking about things in different ways. Which is something you have to do a lot as a Web Developer.

From a distance, it is just a black and white image of a French Hen, but when you delve deeper into the image, it is made up of “code”. The code may not be immediately understandable; you may catch the odd sentence that is being outputted; they are quotes from the bible regarding Christmas.”



Two Turtle Doves

by Andy Smith

“Symbolising love and faithfulness, working together to build nests and raise their young together, my concept is two-fold.

The first built around the text “raise their young”, interpreted into the concept art of a baby; symbolic of our work, whether this be creative, digital or PR; building solutions for clients, which subsequently thrive.

Within the concept creation lies the second and equally important theme of partnership built around the text “working together” and this echoes my day-to-day work. Working together with customers to further their aims is never done alone but with valued input from a team of talented individuals in order to create effective solutions.”



A Partridge In A Pear Tree

by Calum McCurkin
Digital Marketing Executive

“From a young age I have always been a keen creative writer using my imagination and knack of structuring story to create PR pieces and other public facing text throughout my career to date. It is these skills that have coined the creation of this sensationalist press-styled article for the 12 days of Christmas creative task, highlighting the plight of one particular partridge whilst also incorporating each other branch of the story into the tale and body of text itself.”