Rubber Lips PR was tasked by AkzoNobel Aerospace Coatings to create content across a broad range of company media, including website copy, newsletters, PR stories and content suited to a number of social media platforms.

Collating information from multiple worldwide locations and languages, we produced cohesive and promotional American English copywriting in a singular tone of voice and meeting the company brand guidelines brief.



Thorough brand guidelines formed the basis for our brief: to create content across multiple digital and print media, which would offer the Aerospace Coatings division of AkzoNobel a singular and strong tone of voice, adhering closely to the global company’s brand strategy and designed to reach customers worldwide.

An additional brief was the creation of content for the company Newsletter, distributed internally through multiple divisions, forming an update on company news, developments and initiatives.



Face to face meetings between Rubber Lips PR and the management team at Akzonobel’s Aerospace Coatings marketing division took place both in Sassenheim and Newcastle to start building a relationship and direct dialogue with regards the requirements of the company ongoing.

Brand Guidelines were examined closely as, forming the backbone of any promotional literature, these had to not only be understood but both relatable and transferrable into digital and print media.

The internal company structure and culture was also studied in order to gain an in-depth understanding of roles and primary contacts in garnering information and a greater understanding of the company products.

Ongoing, monthly meets were established for the exchange of additional information and by way of a regular update according to the marketing plan.

Day to day discussions were set up to source the information required from multiple sources, to allow us to write the required copy, following a structured plan for timings and reporting and communicating with the personnel responsible for each segment.

Upon completion of each piece, writing was forwarded for editing and final approval before being distributed to the appropriate departments or forwarded on to an established Press list for featuring and publication.



Encouraging results were received in terms of public features and news stories surrounding items sent to both general media outlets and industry Press. Raising awareness and the profile of the company across multiple countries, formed an essential part of the wider marketing and communications plan; that this was a success, contributed both directly and indirectly in achieving a greater worldwide knowledge of the AkzoNobel products.

Meeting the targets to reach all employees and receive input and feedback was an overwhelming success, with a great percentage of employees engaging and responding to the initiatives as set out in the company-wide newsletter.

In general terms the copywriting undertaken unified the social accounts and offered a recognisable, professional tone of voice for the brand moving forward.