Over the last three months, Rubber Lips PR has worked with Haddington’s The Cheese Lady to grow their brand online. Read on to learn what we did and the results we achieved.


Svetlana Kukharchuk is a fine cheese expert with over a decade’s worth of experience in cheese making, consulting, judging and more. Svetlana came to Rubber Lips PR to help raise the profile of her new business: The Cheese Lady. The Cheese Lady was Svetlana’s second shop, following on from The Guid Cheese Shop which she founded in St Andrews in 2010.


The Cheese Lady required Rubber Lips PR to provide complete social media management, using channels which would allow The Cheese Lady brand to most effectively engage with its target audience. Furthermore, as The Cheese Lady had recently expanded with a new website and e-commerce platform, Rubber Lips PR was tasked with driving new customers to the site.


Following several client consultations and a visit to the shop in Haddington, Rubber Lips PR elected to use Facebook and Instagram to help grow and develop the brand. A social media strategy was created and a morning spent with Intimation, capturing and producing new product images for the platforms. Rubber Lips PR worked closely with The Cheese Lady during the campaign, ensuring all important news and special offers were communicated quickly and effectively. A weekly special was introduced, aiming to drive the growing online audience to the shop and build brand loyalty. This content was effective in achieving new, local customers for Svetlana and her business.


Over a three-month period, Rubber Lips PR successfully achieved the objectives outlined by Svetlana. Website visitors from social media tripled, with almost half of all visitors visiting the site from Facebook or Instagram. Brand awareness also showed strong improvement, with social media following growing by a third and 97% of web visitors during the campaign were new.


Outwith social media, the Rubber Lips team assisted and advised The Cheese Lady with PR, photography and Google Analytics. Working with Intimation, new social cards were produced to help Svetlana promote The Cheese Lady’s digital presence to her customers.