Well that was a year and a half and although we are not yet clear of the challenges 2020 brought us, now seems a good time to reflect on our ability to draw on the reserves and adapt in a time of crisis.

As with so many others, the ongoing challenges of a global pandemic took Rubber Lips into a new realm of working but rising to the obstacles we faced not only as a company but on behalf of our clients has offered as a learning curve like no other and a renewed confidence that our team can quickly adapt to not only face adversity but pro-actively overcome obstacles and thrive within an ever-changing business landscape.

Working, as we do, alongside a variety of business sectors and across numerous countries, this last year, our brains have had to be one step ahead of the curve – literally!

It is with this thought that I must pay credit to both my team and our clients who have respectively pulled together and committed to changing plans in order to not only preserve work but ensure that our words and actions continue to reach their targets, even in challenging times.

Digital meetings, calls and morale boosting conversations have taken on an ever-increasing understanding, regardless of the obstacles and together with our clients, we have navigated the very rough passage to where we are today; still battling but with a light on the horizon.

Client news stories and blogs have pivoted to incorporate regular changes in working methods, press articles constructed and staged with clear messaging to reach the right audience, at the right time. Customer communications on behalf of clients have been written with concise messaging and ultra-clear instruction and reference points; and digital events have been attended – all under tight restrictions, with flexibility and adaptability as key.

Never more has the team spirit prevailed, and within that team, we include our clients, who have been at the forefront as they confidently place their trust in us to guide them through with sound advice and structured plans.

So, we welcome 2021, knowing that we have faced and can overcome tough and unexpected challenges with a unique, adaptable mix of tailored solutions. Rubber Lips wish you all a happier, healthier new year and a light at the end of the tunnel!