With over 4 billion users every day, across the 3 main platforms alone, are you doing your company a disservice by NOT using social media to benefit your business?

In 2018 most companies incorporate a social media strategy into their marketing plan, recognising that the network opportunities it offers, provide an invaluable tool in any business.

Regular interaction on at least one of the main platforms is pretty much a necessity these days; in some cases on a par with websites, as a face for a company; and therefore an important part of any company’s daily sales activity. Social media drives web traffic, raises awareness and increases following; a captive audience, should the content be right!

Which platform(s) you choose may be the biggest dilemma and that is exactly where Rubber Lips PR can step in, analyzing your aims, target market and researching your product or service offering; producing a comprehensive answer to that very question.

Our team is able to create, build and manage your daily offering across any or all of the social media channels available, offering a social face for your business and driving traffic (and sales) through your website.

Our speciality is social interaction and Rubber Lips PR can make social media work for you. We additionally offer training and comprehensive reporting packages, which allow you to precisely gauge the value of each social network to your business.

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