At Rubber Lips PR we are expanding our service offering to include a Social Media Training Package!

The Rubber Lips team are fully equipped to provide you and your team with full Social Media training, across all platforms, allowing you to develop your business accounts in-house. Alternatively, we can launch and manage your accounts for a 3 month period, building your following and engagement, backed-up by a comprehensive training programme enabling you to carry on the business Social Media activity.

3 Month Focused Social Media Campaign + Full Day Social Media Training with employees of your choice.

For a three month period, Rubber Lips will take the reins of your Social Media profiles, focusing on building your following and increasing engagement with customers and potential clients.

After this three month campaign, with clearly set aims and targets, Rubber Lips will carry out a full day training session with the employees of your choosing. This training day will allow your designated employees to learn about effective Social Media posts and will conclude with a strategy for your company’s social media management going forward.

We’ll hand back the reins in good faith that you can continue to build your Social Media platforms with an effective strategy in place.

To discuss our Social Media Training options, email us on or call us on 01368 864 786!