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18th October 2018

Park Home Owners: Save Money on Maintenance and Repairs

So, your park home is covered under the GoldShield Warranty Scheme….

To keep your home within the terms of the warranty, there are annual maintenance requirements, involving aspects of interior and exterior upkeep and repairs on your park home.

Due to a number of cost, time and access implications, when using external contractors, GoldShield Care is the perfect way to save on your annual park home maintenance and repair bills.

A choice of care schemes allows you to choose one which best fits your requirements as a park home owner. Typically however, the GoldShield care packages cover a range of required annual checks, repairs and maintenance tasks, which ultimately save on the otherwise, costly repairs and ensure your park home is kept within the warranty terms.

If you're covered by the market-leading GoldShield warranty scheme, the care schemes will also ensure your residence meets all the necessary requirements if you ever need to make a claim.

Sourcing reliable contractors can present numerous problems to homeowners, not to mention issues securing a convenient date and time.

GoldShield however, through multiple care schemes, provide a bank of reliable, accredited and trustworthy contractors who shall arrive at your home at the agreed pre-arranged time and carry out all the necessary checks, repairs and maintenance under the terms of your chosen care scheme.

In short, if your park home is covered by the market-leading GoldShield warranty, then the next step is to select a care package from GoldShield Care. These shall offer a simple, convenient, cost-effective and time saving solution to caring for your residential park home, whilst eradicating the worry associated with upkeep and ensuring your home remains within the terms of your warranty.

Listen to the experience of just one park home owner who has signed up to GoldShield Care: (link to video)