At Rubber Lips we have been diving in deep, creating a set of Facebook marketing strategies for one of our clients, ‘Premio Prizes,’ who specialise in a vast variety of giveaways, including cars, technology, holidays and cash.

We asked some crucial questions with the aim of identifying the targets and reach Premio required from their business’ marketing platform. Taking a closer look at their social channels and some background analytics allowed us to identify what needed to be improved or included within their marketing strategy. A list of recommendations was created, based around their existing audience, including some improvements in post creation, graphics and video content, allowing Premio to continue managing their own channels (but in a more commercial and profitable manner). We did however feel the business would benefit from Rubber Lips’ experience in the creation of several campaigns within Facebook Ads.

As with any campaign, we started with a well-thought-out strategy, including the creation of multiple different audiences, using the content with the best potential and ensuring the budgets were split to achieve the highest rate of effectiveness. We additionally identified our goals/priorities, which consisted of both brand awareness and ticket conversions. These factors were determined after we established Premio’s prime aim of selling as many ticket entries for each giveaway, as quickly as possible. After the completion of these steps, we entered the creative process which consisted of applying the strategy to the ad campaigns. When developing the audiences, it was obviously beneficial to target those who were most interested in the prizes Premio delivers. It was also important to pinpoint the potential demographic, pinning this key aspect down to a relevant audience who would most benefit from the prizes on offer. To ensure the success of the ads, it was also vital for us to correlate the content and audiences for maximum performance and the best overall results.

Completion of the first round of Facebook ad campaigns exceeded expectations as Premio’s profits increased by 50% within the first week. The conversion-based ads were all performing efficiently and receiving ticket sales daily. The brand awareness ad was reaching a high volume of new customers as it promoted trust and authenticity, another significant factor to ensure the continuing success of Premio’s business as a whole.

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