rdTopLaurel_LL_R  I’m sure we have all done it… I know that I have. You have discovered a hotel or resort that seems perfect. The location is ideal; it looks fantastic, and appears great value for money. Next step… check TripAdvisor to see what previous guests have had to say. Although generally positive, there is one or perhaps two scathing reviews, “Dirty, disgusting room”. “Obnoxious and unwelcoming staff”. Despite the great number of wholly positive reviews, we move on and end up booking elsewhere.

For hotel owners and managers these reviews can be absolutely devastating. TripAdvisor is not an option; it is there and is used extensively. In 2013 80% of travellers read 6-12 reviews before making a booking*.

It can take just one unfair review to have a noticeable impact on the business of the service business. How these reviews are handled is vitally important from a public relations perspective.

Below is a list of reasons as to why Rubber Lips PR is the perfect option when it comes to managing your TripAdvisor account.

– Industry knowledge. Lisa Henderson, Director of PR at Rubber Lips also manages “Must Visit Scotland” – a review site for accommodation, restaurants and tours in Scotland. Over 10,400 Twitter followers and a monthly feature in “The Scotsman” is testament to Lisa’s industry knowledge.

– Copywriting ability. Vast experience in writing effective copy across a range of business areas resulting in clear, concise and professional text.

– Distance. The sheer fact that you are personally involved in your business will tend to mean that the way that you handle a negative review may be detrimental. It is difficult to respond to undeserved criticism. Rubber Lips will take time to get a full understanding of the ethics and personality of your business, but will be more detached from the process – allowing for a more measured and PR-friendly response

– Social Media. From a PR and Marketing perspective, other Social Media streams are a perfect way of highlighting great reviews and positive comments. Feature these on Facebook or Twitter and they will often get a better response than the company saying how fantastic it’s own rooms or services are!

– Time Limitations! Finally, if you manage your own service business there is simply not enough time in the day to devote yourself to managing a busy TripAdvisor!

If you would like to enquire further as to how Rubber Lips PR can assist you in the management of your TripAdvisor, (or if you are interested in our Copywriting or Social Media Management) please don’t hesitate to email chris@rubberlipspr.uk or lisa@rubberlipspr.uk