Our ethos at Rubber Lips is strong; ‘every client is different’ therefore we aim to extensively research, not only the industry but the business. Our aim is to establish strong objectives before tailoring a unique communications plan, which shall be communicated, monitored and adjusted, to suit changing markets whilst capitalising on industry trends.


Public Relations

Let us cut out the noise and focus on telling your unique story…

As a communications agency, Rubber Lips provide services, covering the expansive realm of Public Relations, from tailored PR packages, incorporating the creation and management of unique campaigns to single, media specific products and PR on demand, including influencer campaigns. Our team offers bespoke brand packages that draw media awareness and maximise audience engagement, including the use of influencers, serving to focus on industry-specific businesses.


Social Media Management & Strategy

Giving you a digital voice…

 An extensive track record across multiple platforms within broad-ranging industries has demonstrated a strong pro-active approach to our social media campaigns with visibly measured results. Offered as a white label service, Rubber Lips’ team will reach out to your target audience, interact, engage and communicate your message across the social platforms that work for your business.

Alternatively, gather your team together and equip them with the skills to manage your business’ social media in-house with a tailored Rubber Lips training package. Unique to your requirements our social training seminars unlock the potential of each platform, ensuring your business talks your language and reaches your markets…wherever they are.

If your business needs some direction and a head start with the integration of social media into your marketing plan and wider business objectives, we shall write a strategy for your business, allowing you to follow a plan of action with clear key objectives to build engagement, translating leads into sales.


Writing, Editing & Proof-Reading

We will use the power of the written word to make your voice heard…

Each of the team at Rubber Lips has an inherent talent for writing; an expertise used to best advantage in writing wide ranging copy, used to achieve recognition in the promotion of our client and their brand. Well chosen words, with a focus on SEO and structured to appeal and engage, our copywriting and editing service can be incorporated into PR campaigns or undertaken as a quoted ‘standalone’ service.


Video Content Creation

Sometimes actions speak louder than words…

There are times when actions speak louder than words and here, at Rubber Lips, this takes the form of vlogs, company profile footage, explainer videos and promotional reels accompanied by voiceover or music. We manage video content from conception and planning, scripting and sourcing through to execution and further broadcast to assist in promoting your brand. Video ranks highly within search engines and further promotion through YouTube shall engage a wider audience. We additionally offer Google Business View and aerial photography and video packages.


Graphics Content Creation

Join the conversation…

Impactful imagery speaks volumes;   and that’s why we create graphics packages tailored for each social platform and designed to grab attention and convey a clear message. Uniquely branded for your business, our graphics ensure you have a library of usable attachments to broadcast your message loud and clear.


Photo Content Creation

Seeing is believing…

Nothing conveys your message more powerfully than strong, well-presented photography. Accurately reflecting your business in the best possible light, we arrange, manage and undertake photography sessions to build a library of bespoke images, helping you to engage with your audience.


Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Can you hear the people click…

The pay-per-click digital advertising model is used to drive traffic through your website; paying per clicks on your site. With billions of online searches every day, it is wise to ensure potential customers notice your brand and click on your links. Paying for results only works across every industry and our team shall ensure your ad is designed to get noticed.


Advertising on Social Platforms

Reaching the social masses…

The key to reaching your target audience – the right one for your business, may lie in the realms of social advertising. Unlike traditional advertising, mobile-friendly, video or photography ads on any of the leading social media platforms shall be targeted to reach the people who are interested in your product, when they are looking for it; hitting the right people at the right time.


Search Engine Optimisation

 Aiming for the top…

Search engine optimization is the process of growing the quality and quantity of website traffic by increasing the visibility of a website or a web page to users of a web search engine. SEO refers to the improvement of unpaid results and excludes direct traffic and the purchase of paid placement


Event Management & Client Representation

Our team will make sure you are both seen and heard…

From sourcing and implementation to managing and production of exhibition materials, trade event representation and event management; Rubber Lips assists in promoting your brand to the targeted market and maximising the opportunities of lead-capture. Acting as an additional face for your company and managing the logistics, we are happy to discuss your Event Calendar with you.


Social Media Training

Giving you power behind your voice…

The Rubber Lips team are fully equipped to provide you and your team with full Social Media training, across all platforms, allowing you to develop your business accounts in-house. Alternatively, we can launch and manage your accounts for a 3 month period, building your following and engagement, backed-up by a comprehensive training programme enabling you to carry on the business Social Media activity.

Rubber Lips’ unrivalled attention to clients’ requirements, has earned us a reputation of being approachable, personal and flexible; and as such, we represent clients across the broad PR spectrum, customising campaigns and offering tailored packages. Further activity includes:

  • Industry and market research
  • Digital & print Press coverage
  • Database creation and building
  • Building relations with partner companies
  • Social Media Books