It’s time to make one of the most vital decisions of your life…

I’m done with school, so time for Uni, right?


The most common selling point for a University course, both my classmates and my teachers professed to me (which I didn’t agree with), was the fact that I didn’t have to pay off student debt unless I annually earned over a certain financial threshold. So, it’s free money, correct? Well, not entirely. I recognised, early on that I wanted to exceed this threshold, and the entire purpose of getting a bachelor’s degree in the first place was to exceed this benchmark. So, contrary to popular opinion, this made it clear that University wasn’t the right decision for the career path I had chosen. For me, it was a no-brainer.

My passion has always been graphic design: that was clear. As I had studied GD both at secondary school and college, during the job hunt, I couldn’t have imagined myself doing anything else. Something I will always credit my mum for is considering a variation within the realms of design. She proposed I apply for a handful of digital marketing apprenticeships she came across on Indeed, and as fortune would have it, I received an interview with QA Apprenticeships in regard to one of the applications. Destiny called and I was matched with an opportunity at Intimation and Rubber Lips – a digital marketing and PR agency.

An apprenticeship is essentially the entire package! It meant I could get hands-on experience; I could pick up new skills and I’d still gain a good qualification. Not to mention I’d also be financially stable which will result in a cheeky holiday to Greece with the girlfriend!

Another popular selling point for University is “fun and freedom” which, I’ve no doubt is very true.  However, to date my experience at Rubber Lips and Intimation; as the constrictions and overwhelming pressure I had in education disappeared; has increased my confidence hugely. I have good relationships with my colleagues and I find being around them makes me feel happy, mature and capable. Not to mention I learn daily, so much more about my passion and ability from both the PR and design team; I am immersed in a world I am happy to be in.

Presently, I’m working towards my qualifications by attending the QA workshops every few months and doing the QA module tasks in the studio, such as constructing my portfolio. I can wholeheartedly advise that I much prefer the working environment in our studio rather than a classroom. This has not only improved my time-management skills (!) but has allowed me to develop a healthy work ethic, while fulfilling my weekly responsibilities.

Hands-on experience in a real-life work situation is something I, personally, would fully recommend as I’m not only fulfilling a passion, I get to enjoy it every day under the guise of ‘work’.

I feel I’ve become a lot more knowledgeable at Rubber Lips and Intimation regarding marketing and the digital world than I would’ve in a classroom. My work contrasts from creating social media posts, writing blogs/articles, interacting with clients and creating social media advertisements. It has become desirable for me to succeed further with the new skills I have developed and hopefully see a future at Rubber Lips and Intimation. A major benefit of apprenticeships is the possible outcome of full employment upon completion, a goal and outcome I’m now focused on.


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