Empathising with the individual requirements of the client is the most crucial aspect in the development of a successful business relationship. At Rubber Lips PR, we recognize the necessity for a unique approach and it is this, which forms the basis of all of our PR campaigns.

As such, every contract undertaken is highly representative of that client and their requirements – no two PR strategies will ever set out with the same brief or the same approach. What will be consistent throughout however, is the core relationship between Rubber Lips PR and the client, resulting in the optimal route to success.

Prior to employing the services of a PR Agency, it is advisable to have a clear list of targets and achievable goals. At Rubber Lips PR, we aim to set out from the offset how we will assist the client in reaching their objectives. The following 3 points detail how Rubber Lips PR can build an effective, individual and bespoke PR Campaign:

  • The relationship between the PR agency and the client should be based upon mutual understanding, knowledge and passion. Rubber Lips PR will seek to ensure that prior to the start of the contract, the industry and the client are fully researched and understood. This will be followed up with monthly or quarterly meetings, arranged so that both industry knowledge and the relationship are maintained to the highest possible level.
  • The PR Industry has witnessed an unprecedented change in this digital age, whereby the avenues with which to pursue exposure have changed considerably. The past decade has seen the explosion of social media, blogs, online publications and handheld ‘smart’ devices – all impacting upon the habits of the way we all pick up on information.Understanding the role of online publications, industry bloggers and social media platforms is crucial. A focused, receptive and interested audience can be reached by using any of these methods – and can be incorporated within a well-rounded strategy, also utilising the established printed Press.
  • The scope and size of a PR contract does not need to be fixed or constant. At Rubber Lips PR we understand that different clients require different services. Because of this, contracts are available that offer solely the management of social media channels. There is also the option of an ad-hoc service, whereby work is estimated prior to being agreed and carried out.

Make full use of this opportunity to develop the personal relationship crucial to the success of a PR campaign, by utilising the services of Rubber Lips PR, affording your business a cost-effective, highly personal and passionate PR service.