In today’s rental market it’s a no brainer to have inventories compiled to protect your clients’ property, but the integrity of an inventory is only as good as the clerk that prepared it. That’s why we’ve been in touch with our users and shortlisted the five most important traits you need to look for in your inventory clerk.

Whether freelance, independent or part of a team within your business, the key traits of a fantastic inventory clerk, we found, remain the same.


Self-motivation is vital to perform inventory tasks on a daily basis; an interest in the process and a drive to succeed, to be the best in the given field, as competitive as the rental inventory market may be, calls for a dynamic and driven individual.

Attention to detail:

Absolute accuracy when recording information, no matter how the information is documented, is essential. A great inventory clerk misses nothing whilst undertaking the reporting process, recording the information accurately whilst working efficiently with consideration for time constraints and deadlines.


To the benefit of the landlord, the tenant and themselves, it pays an inventory clerk to be expeditious within their work; routine efficiencies afford this and the practicalities of an organized day, maximize the benefits for all involved.

Analytical Mind:

Whilst being of a practical mind has obvious benefits, an analytical and sometimes tech savvy brain can reap rewards for the inventory clerk in the battle for properties and developing methods for more efficient, streamlined and standardized reports.


Of course, with rental properties, come landlords and tenants; people on the opposite side of the fence so to speak; where dealing with both, a pragmatic and diplomatic approach is often required from a true people person.