Today, more than ever, budget restrictions are limiting options and influencing our choices within the business world. In the current economic climate, although recovery is in sight, budgets remain tight and purse strings even tighter.

Wise investments are vital and justification of any expenditure is essential.

In the property inventory market, there are various reasons why, with iSurvey, your investment shall be justified and shall continue to reap rewards ongoing.

Vast and extensive research involving property managers and inventory clerks, coupled with years of experience, has given iSurvey valuable knowledge and insight into a competitive market. This has allowed us to establish the vital requirements of those involved in the property inventory market.

iSurvey is the cost-effective software solution which does not require the large, upfront capital expenditure which is normally associated with more traditional software packages. With iSurvey, monthly costs are significantly outweighed by proven cost benefits. Time savings of 60% are reported regularly from users who are benefitting from efficient, thorough, personalized and cost-effective inventories, which then allow their time to be spread between additional jobs.

No back-end work is required by administrative personnel. iSurvey’s completed reports are sent, along with personalised branding, to clients, ready to download.

iSurvey software speaks for itself and pays for itself, allowing property managers and inventory clerks to reap the benefits and recognition for immaculate, cost-effective reports.