Facebook-logo-PSD Facebook is a valuable platform to promote your brand to a targeted and engaged audience and, if used, correctly can increase business and reap fabulous rewards for any Company.

This 10-step guide has been compiled to help both inexperienced and experienced users in their quest to establish their brand on Facebook. If followed it should hopefully instill confidence in the user to incorporate Facebook successfully into a broader Marketing strategy. (The guide does not cover paid advertising on Facebook.)

So, without any further hesitation, here are the Rubber Lips ‘Top Ten Tips for Facebook.’

1 – Use Facebook for yourself!

If you are familiar with our ‘Ten steps to get your business thriving on Twitter’ you will no doubt be aware that we are keen to emphasise the use of Social Media platforms on a personal level.   There is simply no substitute for it, as it allows an insight into how people really use Facebook. This provides a far better basis for the management and marketing of a business page.

2 – Not just an extension of your sales team

The (probable) main goal of your page is to lead to more business long term. However, once you use Facebook for yourself you will soon realise that users are there to communicate, engage and share with items and people that they essentially ‘like’.

A constant sales pitch will become tiresome and will lead to disengagement with your page. Seek to ensure that the majority of your posts are friendly and informal, designed to get a response from your audience – an exercise of ‘brand familiarisation and rapport’.

3 – Understand your audience

 Similar to the previous points, your success comes down to your empathy with your audience. Understanding what they want to see will lead to increased likes, comments and shares – giving your page greater exposure and success. Always think from the perspective of your audience and why it is that they like your page!

4 – Take time to identify local and familiar businesses that use Facebook effectively

By having a business/forum or group with a strong online following ‘like’ your page means that any update/comment or photo of yours that they share will appear on the ‘news feed’ of their followers. This is a simple and easy way to increase traffic to your Facebook page, resulting in an increase in the numbers that ‘like’ your page!

5 – Always respond to interactions promptly and precisely

 This may seem obvious but it is not to be overlooked! When you get a private response or a comment on your page make sure to respond appropriately in a prompt and precise manner!

6 – Keep the profile fresh and relevant

 There is a lot to be said for keeping a profile sharp and regularly updated. Change a ‘cover photo’ once a month to match a new product, a new image, anything to keep the page ‘alive’! This will give the impression of an exciting brand, something that will be picked up on by your audience.

7 – Run alongside other Social Media and as part of your Marketing strategy

Social Media marketing should in no way ‘replace’ more traditional marketing methods but should compliment it and run alongside it. Keeping a company ‘tone of voice’, increase brand publicity across a variety of platforms, such as LinkedIn and Twitter. A promotion that may feature in a local newspaper should be promoted throughout Social Media accounts.

8 – Publicise your use of Facebook

 Your brand is involved in a Social Media platform – so shout about it! Ensure that your facebook address is visible on business cards, vehicle vinyl, linked on website etc. Let people know that they can keep up-to-date with your brand and that your brand is a forward-thinking, ‘in-touch’ exciting entity.

9 – Double-check every post before posting

 Just as Facebook allows the potential to build the reputation of a company or product, it also allows you the opportunity to trash the brand or product!

Double check to ensure everything placed online is appropriate and in-line with company code of ethics. Similarly, small details such as the spelling and grammar of Facebook posts can all play a part in building a respected brand on Facebook.

10 – Put the time in and enjoy the interaction!

At the end of the day if you don’t enjoy the interactive aspect of Facebook – perhaps you should not be the one managing your business’s page! A genuine enjoyment of the interaction will be very apparent to your audience and will likely translate into increased engagement. Similarly, it is worth putting the time in – you are unlikely to see instant results and it can take years before you find yourself with a large dedicated Facebook following.