Youtube is a fabulous video sharing website. With one billion active users each month it is said to be the third most used social media platform. Youtube gives your business a face, is free andffective to businesses with worthwhile content to share. If you are familiar with our ‘Ten Steps To Get Your Business Thriving on Twitter’ and ‘Top Steps To Get Your Business Thriving on Facebook’, you will know that Rubber Lips PR like to focus on the impact that social media can have on a business. So without further ado here are our top tips to using Youtube!

1. Good Quality, Good Content

Within Youtube videos it is vital to be to the point and keep posts short and interesting. Your videos should be five minutes or less, but definitely no longer than ten minutes. This does however depend on the type of video you are making!  No matter how interesting the video, people will not watch them unless they have a level of quality. A good quality video does not have to be expensive; the key things to remember are good lighting, sound and a steady hand!

2. Upload Schedule

It is important to maintain a regular upload schedule for your video posts, so set a day and time each week or month -whatever works best for your business. Subscribers like to know what to expect and will be waiting for your video, so if any difficulties arise you when uploading it is best to let your viewers know via a quick tweet. Also having a regular upload date will portray the message that you are committed and organized!


One thing to be careful of on Youtube is copyright. The most common copyright issue is Matched Third Party Content. This indicates that the video features music that you do not own. So be sure to get a written permission from the artist or their team to use the song in your video. If no response is forthcoming, alternative music should be used, available via your editing software or that which Youtube provides.

4. Use Your Own Voice

Using a voice over is more effective than using on screen text over footage. Using your own voice will keep the viewers interest and put your point across more directly.

5. Customise

Be sure to customise your channel using thumbnails and pick an eye catching, relevant title for your video. There are an increasing number of videos being uploaded to Youtube and yours need to stand out, so it is important to take the time to consider how you want your channel to look.

6. Share, Share, Share

Let people know you are on Youtube. Youtube is just another platform for you to publicize your business – just think of it as any other kind of social media such as Twitter or Facebook. YouTube however, will give your business a fresh look making you look current. Remember however: Subscribers will not come to you, so you must go to them!

7. Interact

Just like any other social media platform it is important to interact with your viewers. Interacting with people will give your business a good public image and you will come across as a caring and engaging company.

8. Put in the Effort

Youtube does take more effort than other social media sites as it is more time consuming. However if you don’t put in the time, it will look neglected and reflect badly on your business. Remember to put in what you want out!