Twitter and Facebook offer limitless potential to retailers looking to promote their products to a receptive and engaged audience. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses and both are the preferred online marketing method for businesses big and small.

A noticeable characteristic of modern Social Media is that it simply can not stand still. External pressures from expectant investors paired with fickle users alert to changing trends are no doubt two of the most prevalent reasons for this. Real changes to Social Media marketing for commerce are on the horizon…

On September 8th 2014 news broke suddenly across the world, of planned tests on Twitter, set to trial the ‘buy button’. Users can click on the button to purchase an item (in-app) in a matter of seconds, having viewed images or details of the product in a tweet. Early ‘test products’ are to range from concert-tickets to Burberry coats. This feature also allows for Twitter itself to generate revenue through means other than advertising. Keen not to be left behind, Facebook unveiled soon afterwards that it had been trialling an almost identical ‘buy button’ for months.

This latest attempt by Twitter and Facebook to broaden their e-commerce appeal could be a flash-in-the-pan or it could alter the social media marketing landscape forever.   As always with Social Media, the success or failure of the ‘buy button’ is in the hands of the everyday users, and if the buttons sits uncomfortably and uptake is poor then the experiment will be shelved. The marriage of social and commerce is the key.

No matter what changes occur within the realms of social media, you can be certain of one thing – Rubber Lips PR will be at the forefront of it. Research and preparations are already in place to provide retail clients with support, should the inevitable ‘buy buttons’ roll out across both Twitter and Facebook.