Much is written of traditional PR and where the line is drawn between marketing and the wider spectrum of public relations.

Even more so now, in an increasingly digital age; where online placements, improved SEO and structured social campaigns are assuming a position of prevalence within company promotional campaigns; the importance of a defined and clear campaign, with clear goals and trackable results, is high.

The question has to be asked therefore….what does your PR agency do for you?

At Rubber Lips PR, the customer is our aim, goal and priority – the name says it all, we are both flexible in approach and execution and prepared to shout about our clients to a clearly defined audience.

Our team focuses key strengths and abilities on promoting your business to an engaged audience; whether that be Business-to-Business or Business-to-Consumer; and don’t waste time on dead leads, nor undertaking gimmicky stunts to draw attention to our agency.

We see ourselves as minor ground-breakers, challenging traditional approaches and tailoring a well-researched plan to suit precisely, the needs, wants and aims of the businesses with which we work.

A prospective client typically receives a full analysis of target markets following extensive industry research and an involved discussion of what end goals are involved. A PR plan is then created with a special focus on which Social Media platforms would work best in broadcasting promotional activity.

Our case studies and testimonials firmly back our approach, both in terms of customer satisfaction and results driven PR, demonstrating a tailored approach and not assuming a ‘one size fits all’ mentality, from which, few would benefit.

It is our belief that Rubber Lips has broken an unwritten, invisible mold and approaches a growing, promotionally vast landscape with a unique vision; one, which puts the client firmly at the forefront of our PR activity.

So, what does your PR agency do for you…?




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