TikTok is the fresh new social media platform the younger generation has chosen to become the top social media supergiant of the year, pulling in over 800 million active users worldwide as of May 2020. It is an easy explanation as to why businesses have been utilising this new platform, holding the immense potential to bring in new customers, it’s a no brainer!

So, all of this sounds good for your business, right? Well, not necessarily. The most important question you should ask yourself as a business owner before jumping on the bandwagon is “Will the TikTok audience be interested in my business and what I have to offer?” If you’re a washing machine manufacturer for example, then maybe TikTok isn’t the right platform for your business. Although, several surprisingly hilarious TikToks were created featuring washing machines. Like this video of a man pretending to be on a flight during lockdown by using his washing machine door as an aeroplane window!

Realistically, anything can be promoted through TikTok, as long as it’s done creatively and effectively. The reason as to why these two key features are so important is because you need to prevent users from scrolling past your TikTok. Typically, the most efficient and engaging way to do this is to use some form of comedy or emotion. Sometimes, even both!

When coming up with the concept and approach for your TikTok page, it is worth considering taking more of a personal path. It’s important to push your personality over your product. On this platform, your personality sells the product! If you can’t take the personal approach, don’t worry, there are plenty of other unique ways you can promote your business. Just make sure it’s something people want to see!

However, working towards that viral video you need for your potential business boom isn’t going to be easy, which is why once again, like any other social media platform, paid advertisements are here to help. However, it can be fairly difficult to reach your desired audience using TikTok’s advertisement feature, as there are many specifications you have to meet to make sure your ad will perform effectively. If you need help with your social media advertisements our reputable Rubber Lips PR team are a click or a call away.

Considering TikTok is one of the world’s most downloaded social media apps, beating YouTube, Facebook and Instagram in terms of downloads, it is definitely worth giving it a shot! At the present moment, there’s no better place to reach that large audience your business is seeking.

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